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Carbon Trust

Resource Management
April 30, 2011

Carbon Trust PAS 2050

The Carbon Trust and Defra have co-sponsored the publication by the British Standards Institution of PAS 2050, the product carbon footprinting standard. PAS 2050 provides a method for assessing the GHG emissions arising from products across their life cycle, from initial sourcing of raw materials through manufacture, transport, use and ultimately recycling or waste. This new standard is the first widely-consulted method that specifically addresses the emerging interest of both organisations and consumers in understanding the carbon footprint of goods and services. PAS 2050 may be used for a variety of formal and informal processes for improving and communicating the GHG performance of products and services.

Carbon Trust website:
PAS 2050:

Carbon Reduction Label

In 2006 Carbon Trust, a United Kingdom non-profit, developed the Carbon Reduction Label in an attempt to document the amount of carbon released during the lifecycle of a product and then pass that data onto consumers. The label was designed to show the carbon footprint of common items sold in the United Kingdom.

Carbon Label:
Carbon Trust Footprinting Certification:

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